Four Points

Easy and safe operation to go up/down

Turning around the trunk possible

Both hands are available on the tree

Compact design, Easy portable

Sasuke's four points

Various Uses

climbing image
Fruit/seed harvesting
climbing image
climbing image
Electrical work on high pole
climbing image
Bird watching

How to use

Climb up a tree repeating 1 to 3 by alternately bending and straighten-ing your body. When going down, just repeat the opposite order 3 to 1.

how to use "sasuke"


*Photo shows the tandard[SA-1]

sasuke Name of each part
No. Name Matrrial
1 Metal-wire core:iron/cover:rubber
2 Hone outer:steel pipe/core:wood
3 Shoulder-rope polyethylene
4 Foot-bar core:iron/cover:rubber
5 Food-station steel
6 Fulcrum core:iron/cover:rubber
7 Lifeline polyethylene
8 Saddle PVC


type of SASUKE

Option Horn Set[four horns included]

Model No.Horn TypeHorn Length
SH-1Standard[5holes type]295mm
SH-2Large[11holes type]450mm
Note:All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

Option Wire SET[two wires included]

Model No.Wire TypeWire LengthRecommended
Diameter of Tree
SW-4Extra Long1100mm300-480mm
*The Extra Long wire must be used with the Large Horn(SH-2).

Preparation before Climbing

how to use sasuke


  1. SASUKE is only for straight trees. Please do not use this climbing tool for curved or twised trees.
  2. Do not use SASUKE for these following trees:
    • Trees with smooth bark
    • Trees with easily strippable bark
    • Trees with hairy trunk
    • Trees with hardly lumpy surface
    • Thorny trees
  3. Please do not use SASEKE when raining or snowing because the tree trunk can get wet and slippery. It may cause injuries or even death.