ECOTAMA's feature

1-wheeled electric transport vehicle


Speed *trigger operation design 3.5km/h
  • *Speed can be adjusted steplessly up to 3.5 km/h-Effective for forward traveling only
  • *Backward traveling is manual.
Maximum hill climbing angle 10 degrees *when 80 kg loaded
Wheel-in motor
*Tire built-in motor specification
Main unit dimensions Length:1460-1610 x Width:600 x Height:550mm
Main unit weight 35kg *including battery
Maximum load 80kg
Battery 24V *12V x 2/10Ah,10A rechargeable lead-acid battery
Battery size 65 x 151 x 112 mm x 2
Battery weight 7kg
Frame Low carbon steel
Braking system Disc brake *front wheel only
Front tire size ø400mm, motor-integrated tire with tube
Overcurrent protection Yes
Battery charger 100-240V/50Hz/60Hz DC29.6V/0.8A
Battery charging time 8-14 hours
Continuous use time approx.2hours

*Depending on temperature, charging time, battery deterioration, etc., use time may be short or long, Battery life may be short or long depending on temperature, charging time, battery degradation, and other factors.

Manufacturer's Warranty We only handle initial defects of the battery
1 wheel electric carrier size
1 wheel electric carrier

how to use

lead acid battery

Remove the battery from the battery compartment and charge the battery for approximately 8-14 hours before use.

1 wheel electric carrier

To charge the battery, use a 100 V household power source and charge the AC adapter terminal through the battery's insertion slot. *24V battery inside battery box After charging is complete, insert the battery into the battery compartment.

1 wheel electric cart trigger grip

It can carry a maximum load of up to 80 kg, and can be used up to a 10-degree incline if the incline is difficult to transport when loading heavy loads. By turning on the switch in the red circle on the left and squeezing the trigger, the battery power can be used to transport heavy loads. The speed can be adjusted steplessly by holding the trigger. Of course, it can also be used as a hand-pushed one-wheeled cart without batteries.

1 wheel electric carrier front wheel brake lock

To stop the cart, grip the brake saddle on the left handle to stop. The Electric Eco-Carrier 21 uses a high-grade disc brake that firmly locks the front wheels when the cart comes to a stop. When leaving the dolly, the brake can be locked in the red circle for peace of mind. The brakes and brake locks are only available for the front wheels.